Following are some comments from satisfied clients.

  Shelly, is highly responsive, easy to work with, and does a stellar job. You won't be disappointed.

Glenn Carson, Nashville, TN



  Nicely done! You're my guardian angel! I'm very happy. Thank you very much!

Angela Rojas, BBA, MBA, CPC, Coconut Creek, FL



  Let me just say that I have found your proofreading process very transparent and highly efficient. I hope to hand in my thesis within the next two weeks. Thanks to you, the proofreading process has been absolutely seamless!

Sander Andreas Schwartz, PhD student, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Hi Shelly,

  I have been receiving your monthly newsletters for two, maybe three years and I'm amazed at the valuable information you give to us for free. Thank you.

P. Manning, author, Sun City, CA



  Thanks very much for your edit and kind comments. You are a pleasure to work with. A thought that might interest you: For the many years since retirement, I have been working with numerous "professionals," graphics and web designers, print shops etc. and for the most part some were good but most mediocre. Only one was outstanding, but he was crazy. The biggest flaw besides incompetency, was always delays on answering e-mails or responding with work to be done, days overdue or weeks overdue.

  You are in a class by yourself with beautiful work, almost instantly completed. So when you read my thank you notes for the work you do, the praise is totally honest.

  By the way, if you go to my website www.SmartMoneyMgt.com and click on Bill's Blog, you will see your handiwork in all the blogs. I really can't thank you enough for the wonderful editing. Wow! You make me look so good.

Bill Wagenheim, Delmar, NY - Smart Money Management



Hi Shelly,

  Just wanted to wish you a good week-end, triggered by a comment posted on audiocheck.net:
"Cool site, thanks. Never would have guessed that English is your second language, didn't notice anything that needed correcting - better than most native English speakers!"
Of course, he doesn't know my secret Shelly weapon ;-)
Hope you are all doing well!

Stephane, Brussels, Belgium


Hi Shelly,

  I am delighted with the work you have done previously and have received high marks (A's) on all papers thus far. Thank you so much for your diligence in getting my papers edited in such a short time. You're the best!

Shannon Morgione, Highland Ranch, CO



  I'm speechless. No further draft necessary. This is absolutely great.

Clauette Burstion, Bronx, NY



  You are the reason why there are writers and there are editors and seldom do the two exist on the same plane. These changes to the text you made may be slight but they surely change not just the content but enhance the flow from a stream to a river of comprehension. Excellent!

George Horvat, Channing, MI, Author of "A Dead Man’s Odyssey"


Dear Ms. Rosenberg:

  You are a rare professional! You are prompt and you offer excellence. I am absolutely fortunate to have you as the content editor for my website.

Fred Fazaeli, Bellingham, WA


Hi Shelly,

  The magic I do is all trickery, but the magic you do is real. If you can do the same magic with my essays that you did with my resume, I think I'll be accepted in Harvard with a full scholarship! The resume is electric right now!

Vikramjit Sidhu, Haryana, India


Dear Shelly,

  You may remember that some time ago you helped me with my book "Origins." I was inspired by your advice and encouragement. Since then I have developed the book further and changed the title to "The Terranus Affair." I thought I would let you know that the book has now been published by Melrose Books. An exciting prospect for me and I thank you for your past help."

Kind Regards,

Frank Richard Salter, UK, Author of The Terranus Affair



  This is PERFECT. Thank you so much. I truly value people with such talent and skill as you have. You have such a great way with words. Thanks again, so much!

Talia Palacio, Memphis, TN



  Thank you for restructuring my resume. I'm now working overseas making almost three times as much as I was making in the states. I've been overseas before and I wanted to come back. I needed the right resume along with my military experience in order to obtain employment, and you made it possible.

Russell Roberts, US Embassy, Iraq


   I have known Shelly since 2007 when I was completing my final year undergraduate thesis. Since then, I have become her regular client for proofreading services. Recently, I have been searching for a new job. This is not an easy time due to the economic downturn. I received an invitation from a local government to attend an interview, which also consisted of presenting a PowerPoint presentation and a written report. Shelly provided a lot of assistance by coaching me during the preparation for my interview - she gave me various invaluable tips to eliminate my nervousness and become confident, provided techniques on how to make my responses outshine my competition, and helped me to focus and see through the clutter. She even helped me to edit and critic my presentation, written report and the thank you email. Indeed this is a very good package from the start (checking the application form) until the end (coaching for the interview session).

  At the end of the interview, to my surprise, the interview panel contended that I was one of the best candidates that they met that day. I was very certain that it was all due to Shelly's help. I would recommend her interview coaching service, to anyone who wishes to perform extremely well during the interview, without any reservations.

Nasrul Ismail, Bristol, England, UK



  Many thanks for the prompt return of the manuscript. I am very pleased with the outcome. It has been an education for me and I will get busy making the corrections. I will be in contact when I finish my second book! Thank you again.

Frank Salter, author of "Origins," Devon, England, United Kingdom



 I have to say the "spell check" and "auto-correct" functions in MS Word really don't hold a candle to having a professional editor proof your writing. And quite honestly I am impressed with how quickly you turned this project out considering it was a fairly lengthy eBook. I researched editors for a while looking for a the right price, background and overall service and I’m thrilled with my decision to have picked you. Great work, great price and I will use you again in the future!

Matt Hedges, author of “Simple Market Research,” Apopka, Florida


Hi Shelly,

  I am impressed. I like your editing. I sent this same sample to various other editors and you did the best job out of all. I am in the process of making some changes to my book. I believe I should finish within a week or so. I would like to let you know I am selecting you to do my editing.

Raphael Martinez, Austin Texas


Dear Ms Rosenberg,

  I’d like to inform you that I have posted, 1 day ago for the first time, my resume - which you kindly helped to enhance - in the US job market, and since then I have received three calls from interested employers in one single day. They have not been fruitful because of the visa requirement, others because of the job expectations, but I am very happy nonetheless with the result.

Thank you again very much. Kind regards,

Maria Baquero, Essen, Germany


Hello Shelly,

  Wow, I really appreciate your changes to my resume, and it was done in such a timely manner. I also like the letter very much. Thank you! I so appreciate all your good work on the resume and cover letter you produced for me. Well worth your reasonable fee!

With sincere gratitude,

Dorothy Wilcox, Walnut Creek, California



  I feel like a tremendous burden has been lifted from me because of your excellent work.  I love the resume and appreciate your work. I feel like I'm 100% ready and confident to go after my new career. I would love to recommend you to people I know who may need a professional to help them with their resume. Thanks again,

Wanda Droughon, Robertson County, Tennessee


  I was looking for an English native speaking editor and was lucky to find the website of Ms. Shelly. Besides her very affordable fees, she has a warm personal approach and in my opinion she does her job very well. I hope to be able to use her help again and can highly recommend her services.

Ernest Dras, Maribor, Slovenia


Hi Shelly,

  Thank you very much. The statement looks great! I am really grateful for all your help and wonderful suggestions. You have really helped me more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you.

E. Ukala, Gainesville, FL


Dear Ms. Rosenberg,
  You did exactly what I needed to be done to me paper. You kept my language and polished it up beautifully. Thank You. I will definitely use your service again.

Kristy Sharpe, Wadesboro NC


  I am a first time novel writer and I hit the jackpot when a friend told me about Shelly. Shelly is very professional organized and compassionate, I found her easy to talk to and understand. I hope to use Shelly's services for many years to come.

Trudy Sheehan, author of "Whispers from the Bridge," Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Hi Shelly,
  I think my new resume is great. Everyone around me has seen your work. I have two people who would like you to redo their resumes, if possible. After I received it, I wanted other people's opinions and everyone likes it.

Ibrahim Dhuad, US Army, Iraq


Hi Shelly:

  I always know that I am in good hands with you because on my last two papers I scored an A and my instructor mentioned to me how well written my papers are. Thank you.

Serena Brown, Memphis TN



  Thank you again! I like the way of working with you. I never got editing help as good and precise as this before.

Jess Zhuang, Beijing, China


  I would recommend Shelly to anyone looking for a professional and personal experience. She went above and beyond my expectations when working on my Master's thesis. Not only correcting grammatical errors and catching typos, she also made suggested changes to sentences allowing for better flow or understanding. She scrutinizes all of the details, down to the formatting of the paper. She was in constant communication throughout the process and best of all... she was able to work within my strict time line!

Lauren Brindle, Oslo, Norway 


Dear Shelly,

I really want to thank you for your help. I'm very happy with the results and I will definitely use your good services again.

A. Fuksman, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel


Hi Shelly,
  Thank you so much! I receive many compliments concerning your work. It speaks well of you and I appreciated you from my whole heart.

Emma Farrie, Emma Farrie Ministries, Baltimore MD


  My award winning resume, created by Shelly Rosenberg, assisted me in getting several interviews for new positions in my field of study.

Dr. Alonzo Williams, Jr., Eaton Park, Florida


  The communication between Shelly and me was great. She responded very quickly to my emails and inquiries and the turnaround time was very fast. Her editing is done excellently and exactly as I had hoped. I intend to use her editing services again and again and I will recommend her to friends and associates.

Tina Wu, Pingtung Hsien, Taiwan


  As a speech pathologist, I thought I could write my own resume and cover letter, however, I was really mistaken.  Shelly has given me so much support both on the phone and in writing that I feel like a new person ready to take on the world of interviewing.  Not to mention, I feel more confident about the possible new changes in my career.

Candace Elgart, Santa Monica, California


  Shelly, your service gives us the confidence to move forward in our work.

Robert Hollis, The Boukman Institute of Social Policy


  Thank you very much for your quick return of my paper. It looks great and I can see the many mistakes that I had made. I hope you will be able to help me again in the future.

Louis Nguyen, Federal Way, Washington


  Hi Shelly: The paper really looks good. Thank you! Will contact you in the future when I have another major paper due. Take care.

Serena Brown, Capella University


   A well crafted resume is key to being noticed in today's marketplace. Shelly carefully considered my personality, current situation, and career goals to assist me in obtaining such a document. It was a highly collaborative effort and I'm very happy with the results.

Paul D. Brennan, Rocky Mountain Consulting LLC, Cheyenne, Wyoming


   With a ferocious speed and an unadulterated attention to detail, Shelly Rosenberg's editing of my fiction adventure novel lends itself to being included as a chapter of its own. I hope that my writing is good enough to afford the pleasure of retaining her services well into the future. 

Curtis Matthews, author of "Boots and the Big Daddy Rattler"



  Your service is excellent, better than my expectation.

Gary Null, www.czsolution.com


  I appreciate that Shelly helped me proofread and brainstorm some suggestions for my term essay. She really took it as her responsibility once she promised to help me. And the work she did came back to me ahead of my deadlines, which is very important to me. She is very careful and the changes she made didn't lose my writing style. Moreover, the price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend her services to others.

Helena Tian, British Columbia, Canada


  Choose Shelly, you won't go wrong!

John Liang


   My resume looks great! I could have worked for weeks and never been able to write such a polished thorough resume. For once I am confident sending it to potential employers.

Julie Wilson, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Hi Shelly,
   I am truly happy with all the work and time that you dedicated to my essay. I can't say enough about your wonderful in-depth editing and critique of my work. I am glad that I found you and I thank you.

Ramon Dario Acevedo, Brandon, Florida


  Should you decide to utilize Shelly's talents and service, she will quickly return to you a markedly improved product. Like Sherlock Holmes with his magnifying glass, Shelly has an uncanny ability to identify hidden clues (mistakes) and make quick improvements. If you are seeking an editor to advise and assist you with your written documents, hire Shelly Rosenberg. I recommend Shelly without reservation!

Ken Morlino, Narberth, Pennsylvania


Dear Ms. Rosenberg:
   Thank you for working closely with my thesis. English is not my primary language. Scientific writing for a general audience is not easy for me. There is a lot of stress when it comes to writing something in a language that I am not familiar with. In addition, writing is not my best skill. I did my best. I have been writing my thesis quiet a while and wasn't able to find written mistakes as I went through my own writing. You have been very careful editing my writing while maintaining my original ideas. My advisor was impressed when I submitted my thesis. I have successfully defended my thesis and been awarded my degree. Without your help, I would not get my degree as easily or quickly as I did. You are also a kind person who encouraged me through the process. I thank you for all your efforts.
Best Regards,

Yi-Lun Lin, PhD, Vanderbilt University


   Shelly is a true team-mate. She will stay with you until the project is completed and has a sincere interest in your success. Her editing is very professional and her comments are explicit. I consider myself very lucky to have found an editor with the combination of passion and knowledge that Shelly has. Call me, I'll tell you to use her!!!   Shelly is great!!!

Kevin Sweeney, www.SweeneySpeaks.com


  I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous contributions of Shelly Rosenberg in the editing and reviewing of my thesis and research report. I was fortunate to have Shelly help as an expert and dedicated individual who assisted me in editing and provided insights, comments and suggestions that helped improve its quality and readability. It was a pleasure working on this project with her and I would strongly recommend her services to others.

Charles Njogu, New York University, www.echoesofheaven.org

  What I appreciated the most, with Shelly's work, is her ability to retouch the text and at the same time, to preserve the intention of the writer. Compared to other proofreading services, Shelly's service is very affordable. Thanks to her, I feel my studies in America will be much more enjoyable.

   Shelly, it is a pleasure for me to work with you. You always upgrade my paper with grace, and I appreciate that.  

Daniel Koo, Duke University

  That's really quick and helpful. I was impressed! The completed review came back a few hours after I submitted the ten page article, and the comments were very helpful.

Dr. Lingyu Wang,

Center for Secure Information Systems,

George Mason University

Ms. Rosenberg,
   Thank you so much for the critique and all your work that went into its preparation. It's exactly what I needed and I truly appreciate how quickly you completed it. Clearly I submitted it to the right person. My wife and I both loved the ideas you had for the next book too. I'm very proud of the book and I'm grateful for your help in getting it to the next level. If there is a second book, I will definitely call on you again for your services. For what its worth, I would be very happy to write a testimonial for your website if you like (though, you should probably proofread it first :) - Thank you again.

Rick Decker, author of, "Sammy Franks the Frog With Glasses"

  Shelly is an excellent editor. She doesn't change your work, but she arranges what you have written, in your own words, to bring clarity to your work.  She is great at giving feedback. Thanks Shelly

Breina Payne, New York, New York


  For months, I tried to edit my work and I would always end up messing up my essay. I turned to Shelly. Though there were lots of testimonials, I was still skeptical in that the service fee was so low. I was shocked at how great my essay was after her editing it. The words were so simple, and the contents of the essay truly reflected who I am. I have never written an essay that truly captured my identity. With Shelly's help, I was finally able to do it.

Allan L. ,Fayetteville, North Carolina


  Shelly has the most amazing insight into the personality of a person and is able to present it in a wonderful way on a resume.

Kathy Kelley, Nashville, Tennessee


  Shelly reviewed my paper and returned it to me within 2 hours of my submission.  The fast turn-around time allowed me time to review her suggestions prior to turning in my paper.

Gina Riquier


  Shelly provided me with a quick and detailed critique. Her insights and suggestions are easily applicable, and delivered in a caring and helpful manner. Shelly's rates are very reasonable! I highly recommend her services.

Joseph L. Campbell, Grand Island, Nebraska


   Thank you for helping me. Revising my thesis by myself over and over again depressed me and gave me lots of stress. Because of your great help, I was able to be free from all these problems. You finished working on my master's thesis in a short period of time and your work was completed with excellent quality. I really appreciate that. I was lucky to meet you. Thank you once again.

Gil Youn Han, Colorado State University


   Shelly is an amazing editor and proofreader, and with the affordable fee she charges, you cannot get a better deal anywhere. It is not just the fee that made me hire her in the first place, she actually guided me step by step and passage by passage with the changes she made in my manuscript, making it grammatically correct without changing my voice or my style.  She strengthened the piece so I could have a polished manuscript that was ready for submission and that I could be proud of.

   She even made suggestions for the replacement of awkward words, making every sentence crystal clear and easy to understand. Not just that, she found numerous errors in my manuscript that were missed by my previous editor. Shelly really has the 'gene of proofreading and editing.'

   Her work is superb and her personal interest in my manuscript convinced me that she was devoted to my works which provided me with the morale boost that I needed as an aspiring writer. My highest praise for Shelly, she's wonderful to work with, and again you can't get this kind of service with the fee she charges at any other editing agency. Others would charge an obscene fee for the work she has done on my manuscript.

   I definitely will hire Shelly again and again for all my future manuscripts, as it is very important to have the best polished manuscript possible before submitting to any publisher.

I am a very satisfied client, and will provide anyone with a reference if requested.

Leslie Crowley, Chicago

  Shelly did a great job proofreading my document; the turnaround time was quick especially considering the holidays. And the price was very reasonable.

Nicholas Magers, Lake Forest, California


   When I first started in my endeavor to bring forth my feelings about my memoirs of my past career, I found myself mumbling and struggling on how and where to put certain words. Then I met a friend who mentioned your name and she told me of your credentials and how easy it would be for me to work with you. Well I just got finished writing to that friend thanking her for finding you. The result of your editing, after my struggling to write what I felt, has led to what I think will be a very successful book. I have no doubt that without your guidance and unbelievable patience I would never have completed this book. Thank you.

Frank DeSario, Boston Police Officer (retired),

author of "Badge #1 Memoirs of a Boston Cop"

   Shelly is an amazing woman with a marvelous talent for writing and editing; also, her attention to detail in grammar and punctuation is outstanding. Her varied interests, knowledge and profound insight into the human spirit can transform the 'dullest' resume information into a first class, 'knock-em dead' presentation that highlights a person's strengths, skills, and accomplishments with a professional flair.

   I have been self-employed for over five years and recently sold my businesses. I needed to re-enter the work force and was uncomfortable and unsure as to how to begin writing my resume for a position in the corporate world. Shelly took my management skills and personal attributes as a business owner and translated them creatively into a resume that will grab a future employer's attention.

   Shelly did a fantastic job for me! I have a winning resume now and I am confident I will land an interview!

Janice Nichols, Goodlettsville, Tennessee


  Sending my first manuscript for someone to critique took courage. I was fearful that the story might be cut to pieces. Shelly's speedy return and helpful hints will make it a better story. I hope to see it on bookshelves in bookstores soon. Thanks again.

John R. Durham

   I am from South America, so my main language is Spanish, and having to write my final dissertation in English was challenging. Finding Shelly was a blessing. Shelly did not only help me with editing my dissertation, she also helped me along the way with her kind words of support. She was great to work with. Shelly was also very efficient in her work, she did it surprisingly fast as soon as I finished my paper, Shelly sent me part of her comments the next day. She was always there to answer questions and to give me comments, and I did not have any criticism for my English from my teachers at my University in London. I got exactly what I wanted for my paper, and I also got to meet a wonderful person.

Paola Diaz, Australia

  This is my first attempt at writing anything, and knowing I was more than anxious, Shelly expedited her services. Her suggestions are relevant without being critical. I will use her and recommend her in the future.

Jacquie Gum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

   Wow, and to imagine I was about to publish this book in its current state. Either you are really good at finding errors or I am really bad at making them. LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed the work. I hope others do too.

   Also, I am a college student and will be taking another composition class this fall. I would love it if I could keep your contact information so I can call upon your services at a later date to edit my reports.  I would also like to be able to give your email address to classmates looking for a good proofreader and editor.  Let me know if you would be ok with that.

Joshua Watson, Author of "Zealot in my Closet"

Hi Shelly,
   I loved the way you made those changes. It was very clear what you added or took out. Also, the level of review was just perfect. I mean catching all my mistakes and correcting them. You did not try to change the structure of sentences. That was what I needed. I'm very pleased with your work.
   I feel really lucky that we found you and you were available on that day.
   Thank you very much for your wonderful work again.

Esra, Illinois

   You did a wonderful job on editing my paper. The paper is the 'written assignment' for my application to teacher's college. The experience from my paper is from my work as a 'student support worker' with a school board in British Columbia, Canada. I'll email you when I need editing again. Once again, Thank You!

Simon Hong, Vancouver, Canada

   Last Friday I submitted my thesis, and I became a doctor.
   I want to thank you for your timely and high quality help.

U C Coskun, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign