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  • Talent?

    I have an amazing ability to find errors in print, whether those errors occur in a novel or a non-fiction work. Spelling errors, typographical errors and grammatical errors just "jump out" at me. I use this "talent" to help authors, website developers, students, Ph.D. candidates, Master's degree students/candidates and writers by editing and proofreading their work. I can do the same for you.

  • Send your Editing, Proofreading and Resume work

    Contact me using the contact form. I will send you some information about submitting your work. Or, just send your work as an attachment to your email. The work should be in Microsoft Word format. If you are using Word Perfect or another format, I can probably convert it to Microsoft Word. However, note that the edited work will be returned to you in Microsoft Word format with the changes and corrections shown. See the sample work.

  • Details

    Visit the Editing Services, Proofreading Services, and Resume Services pages for more details about each of the individual services.

  • Worldwide

    My clients come from all over the world. I have a large wall map in my office with map pins in the areas where I have clients. As clients from additional countries employ my services, I update the map and the list of these countries. Currently I have clients in 97 countries.

  • Large or Small Editing and Proofreading Jobs

    I will edit any size paper or work. Sometimes a student has a short paper that needs editing, or a job applicant needs a cover letter to send with a resume, or a website designer has just added a single page to a website and needs that edited. I will be happy to edit those small jobs as well as any large job.

  • Turnaround Time for Editing and Proofreading

    Most editing and proofreading will be completed within two to six days. Of course, longer works will take more time in order to do a complete and accurate job. I can give you an estimate of the time the editing and proofreading will take when I see a sample of the work and when I know the length of it.

  • Deadlines

    Many of my clients are students who have deadlines for the submission of their dissertations or papers. Please inform me of these situations. I will do my best to get your work back to you after the editing and proofreading tasks are completed but in time for you to apply the changes and meet your deadlines. If necessary we can work out a special priority RUSH job, which will result in an extra fee.

  • Fees for Editing, Proofreading and Resumes

    My fees, which are considerably economical, run between USD .039 per word and USD .04 per word for editing and proofreading. For example, if your paper is 5,000 words long, the fee is between USD 195 and USD 200. See the Editing, Proofreading and Resume information pages for the explanation of fees for each service.

  • Payments

    Credit cards, Venmo, PayPal and eCHECK can be used to pay for services from the payment button on the Payment Information page. See this page for other payment options.

  • Privacy

    I take pride in maintaining a rigid Privacy Policy to ensure that your work is kept confidential. You have put a great deal of time and personal effort into your book, document, paper, websites or other work. It is my commitment to maintain your complete privacy and confidentiality regarding this project.

Shelly Rosenberg